Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brain Damage

Yes, that is my theme today.

Celia has a friend from school that was in a car accident* and has hit her head. The girls were told that their friend's brain was bruised, a cerebral contusion. This is not good. Celia thinks that she is going to be able to visit C today in the hospital. But last we heard, she was in intensive care, so that seems unlikely... I doubt that they will be able to drop off their glitter ladened card either.

The fact is this kind of injury is considered a traumatic brain injury which can cause brain damage. It has certainly been quite a week, eh? I guess, I will give thanks tomorrow and everyday, in fact, that these things have NOT been happening to my girls.

Oh, and to continue with the brain damage theme, something on the lighter side (I think... sometimes, though these people just scare me). Here is Dana Perino, the former President's SpokesLiar, um, Spokeswoman spewing a bit of revisionist history. Perhaps, she has been in a car crash too and lost all of her medium term memory. Or maybe she is on crack.

*the circumstances of the accident are still hazy... apparently this girl was ON the vehicle and not IN it when the accident occurred. I don't think that I want to know more details. Ugh.

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