Friday, November 27, 2009

This Friday Doesn't Seem So Black

That is because Fun Daddy is dealing with girlies. I am not driving anyone to the mall or buying craft supplies.

Nope. I got sucked already this morning when I was talked into a trip to the Y for a bit of togetherness. Never mind that I spent all Tuesday and Wednesday on my feet up and down the steps at the new gig. I went with the recumbent bike. A half hour later, I was done. But still had to wait around for the rest of his "togetherness". Bah.

And he wants to run out later for hackepeter and beer. And I really don't want to sit there watching college football and drinking beer.

But for now?

I am sitting on my bed in my sunny room watching Deadliest Catch and typing away and running a load of laundry and no one is talking, yelling or begging me for anything.

This is paradise.

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