Monday, November 30, 2009



I know that my goal was to post everyday this month and I did not accomplish that, but I DID post alot more often than I had been previously.

Plus, having gotten a new job (part time) meant that my schedule was screwy and I am not used to being on my feet and working in a retail environment since 1984.

And then there was this weekend.

Kevin was off to help my cousin John with some business stuff. So, it was me with the girlies in the post Thanksgiving weekend. Except, Sophie still has a basketball tourney to finish up. Celia wants to run wild and we have a wake and funeral.

Of course. Both girls want cash which is short supply given that Kevin and I are still playing catch up financially this year and are not quite accustomed to the new pay schedule (assuming that I will be paid, as I have not yet filled out any paperwork whatsoever).

The aformentioned Celia wants to run wild which requires her to spend time after dark in a neighborhood park, thus becoming part of what Kevin and I lovingly refer to as NBT. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. Was there ever an innocent reason to be in the Forest Preserve after dark? No there was not. And if you say otherwise, you are a liar. and your pants on fire. Big time.

She resents that I have GPSd her phone but I like to point out that I am anticipating a. where she will leave her phone next... and b. where to rescue her from, since she notoriously bad at directions which breaks the heart of her Geographer mother. Yeah. That is me.

Basketball sucked. we were in the "consolation" bracket and our opponent was half an hour late. But they did bring Samantha, the girl who lost her Dad this week a condolence card and before the abbreviated game started all the girls formed a circle in the middle of the court, held hands and prayed from Mr. Cid's soul.

Finally. In our last basketball game ever (we are so avoiding this crap in highschool) all the girls acted like sweet Catholic schoolgirls. I still tear up thinking about it.

Celia had "plans" which meant that I overheard her asking a friend if she could sleep over. As she sold me on this being a done deal plan-wise, I put the cabosh on the whole thing and earned her deepest enmity for the rest of the weekend. She smarted off enough at the basketball game to turn the heads of several mothers and Celia, as usual, tried to hold my transgressions over my head as if she could possibly blackmail me. Sadly, this child does not realize that when push comes to shove, I am ballsier than her and will not allow myself to be blackmailed by a child. So all she could do was call Kevin to "tell" on me. Yes. My children are "telling" on me. May she be punished with children like herself.

The wake on Sunday sucked. It, like all wakes, was terminally depressing. Plus the funeral home managed to book a large Phillipino family wake and a Hindu wake at the same time. When it came to sheer numbers, the Indians win. There were mourners jammed into the chapels (they booked three) and in every conceivable inch of the public space. It was insane.

I am currently worn out so will continue with funeral details tomorrow. Just know, that my Sophie is a tough chicklette who has a strong understanding of duty and kindness. God, I hope she learned that from me.

Sweet dreams November. You have been a bitch.

December? be kind.

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