Monday, December 07, 2009

How Does Your House Run?


We have a family of four including a mother (me), father (Fun Daddy), and two delightful teenaged daughters.

Everyone is busy with their work, school, activities and social life.

That is why our house runs on fairy power.

Yes. I said it. Fairy Power.

Magical fairies come and visit my house and perform the tasks that just don't get done without the assistance of tiny wing-ed creatures.

The Sink Fairy is essential at my house. Who else empties the sink after the teens have "done" the dishes? Did you know that Sink Fairies know how to get rid of the food that is rinsed off the plates before they go into the dishwasher? It is true.

I have since found we have a new fairy helping us in our house. It is the sock fairy. This fairy picks up socks off the floor and puts them into the (white) laundry pile. Then after the socks are washed, the sock fairy goes to the sock box and matches the unmatched socks eliminating the need for anyone else in the house to have to even consider undertaking that task.

Thank God for the fairies!

Who helps you keep your house clean?

1 comment:

Chicka said...

No one. That's why it looks like the fucking pit that it is. I gave up and said, "Screw it. Live like animals. Just don't blame me or expect me to find your shit."