Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Green Roofs to Clean Tech: How Chicago Is Preparing for the Sustainable Future

Green roofs my arse? Maybe that is where you stuck your head.

Are you aware why we don't have as many turbine's as we would like.. and we DO have turbines in the city or haven't you seen the VAWT turbines at Lee Lumber which you can see from the Kennedy... Traditional turbines have a tendency to kill migratory birds which is a federal crime and they create disturbances with radio and television signals. Also there are plenty of people who freak out the possibility EMF, or didn't you read the story about the MD man who is suing his neighbor because she won't turn off her wireless router?

Additionally, I am guessing that you really don't understand that the phrase "Windy City" doesn't refer to the amount of wind from a meteorological stand point but rather the 'hot air' produced by its politicians. The potential for wind in Chicago it fair- good at best, if you have ever looked at wind map you would realize that. The best option would be from a wind farm located in Lake Michigan which is being argued against for the reasons that I have mentioned above, not to mention concerns about aesthetics, i.e. ruining the view.
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