Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Green Roofs to Clean Tech: How Chicago Is Preparing for the Sustainable Future

And yes. We have recycling programs. The city is changing from the Old Blue Bag program to a new blue bin program. Sorry, it isn't moving fast enough for you. Luckily you can go ahead and produce wind to power the existing and future turbines in the City.

You certainly aren't a ray of sunshine to power the many City-installed solar arrays. Go visit some of your area museums and elementary schools. You will find them there. And before you shine a dark cloud on that program, please note that Chicago receives 90% of the insolation that Miami does so even solar power makes sense in Chicago.

If you DO want to help the environment of Chicago instead of just criticizing it, I suggest you encourage everyone you know to change the color their roof and using light reflective surfaces in lieu of blacktop. The dark colors change the solar radiation into thermal radiation and increase the temperature of the City by up to 15 degrees. This is called the Urban Heat Island Effect. And you can decrease it by the choices that you make in building materials. The City of Chicago even has a requirement for it in their Energy Code. We were the first city in the country to set a requirement.

But I am guessing that you weren't aware of that either.
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