Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Does This Picture Say?

Yes, this is a dryer. My dryer.

What does this picture tell you?

Clothes are dried and someone has picked out the stuff they need and left the rest.

To me, that says, "This is mine. Clean up after me or wait until I decide I am done with it".

I find my dryer in this condition at least 4 days a week. Additionally, there are clothes on the floor of the laundry room (closet) and the lint trappings are on the floor as well, even though there is a garbage can.

Oh, and the caps are off the laundry detergents because

That is it. Just because.

I have asked that everyone in the house empty the washer and dryer when they are done and stop using it like a dresser.

This is the response I get.

Don't ask me why I am angry with you all the time. Your actions speak louder than your words. This is your world, and I am an annoyance. I get it.


Poppy said...

I would start charging people for the storage space...

or have a service do my laundry and then charge my family members for the amount owed.

Gosh, it'll be fun if I ever have kids.

Anonymous said...

Same as it ever was...In every situation...With all people...Actions Louder Than Words!...I think I told you that a few years ago...Sigh.

Ryan said...

Seems to me you should just start tossing everything out and onto the floor. Or into a trash bag. Whether or not it actually goes out with the recycling depends on how fed up you are that day. :D God speed Gretchen. Hope you're doing well otherwise.

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