Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wow... That was fun!

Disregarding the obvious picture and description of last night's dinner... I thought I would back up a bit to describe the beginning of the weekend.

That actually began Thursday afternoon when hubby brought Imelda home from basketball practice hopping. A sprain the coach had said... and according to hubby the coach seemed pretty upset that she was hurt. So we go through the standard routine. Foot up. Ice on. Motrin administered. She needed help getting up the stairs that night, but no big shakes. We figured she would shake it off by morning.

Except, in the morning she slid down the stairs on her rump. Ooops not a good sign. So I sit her down and remove her amazingly stinky sock and take a look at it. Still swollen. I fixed her breakfast and waited for hubby to get down stairs... After a brief consultation, we decided to keep her home from school. She was thrilled, envisioning a day of cartoons.

We unfortunately, realized we had a small problem. Since hubby sold his company and had started with the new company mid-December we were without insurance cards. He ended up going through all of his info to find the stuff about the insurance, made some calls, and then was able to print off a temporary card. WHEE! Now we just had to get hold of the doctor, whose office wasn't open until 9:00. YES! This stuff has all been accomplished before 8:30!

Of course, at 9:00, when I finally got hold of the pediatrician only to find out we couldn't get in until 1:30. This meant that we would be cutting it short to get the Angel from school, so hubby stayed home to await her while I took the semi-hobbled Imelda off to the doctor. He took one look at the foot, and pronounced that he just couldn't tell. So we would need to get it x-rayed.

Off we went to the hospital. Not a close one, but Evanston Northwestern.... At this point, Imelda started to get nervous. She had never had an x-ray before. I went in with her, explaining how everthing worked, what was happening, then I went behind the wall while the images were taken. We were waiting for the results... (the pediatrician ordered a stat reading) when the tech came in and said they needed an other view. I gave hubby the uh oh look, but took Imelda back for another round.

It turned out, that they wanted to take an image of her good foot for comparison. Double ooops. But within 20 minutes, I got the answer. They reported that her foot initially looked broken, but because of her age they decided to check the other foot and found that SURPRISE!! the other foot looked the same way. Turns out her bones hadn't fused yet. So her foot was normal... NOT BROKEN!!!

WHEE!! A week taking it easy (she is wrapped up with an Ace bandage) is better than 6 weeks any day of the year!

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