Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Surviving Summer Vacation

So far, I have taken the kids to a movie... we saw Just My Luck.. it was kind of cute and Lindsay Lohan looked much more human... and honestly... I like her with the red hair.

Yesterday we went to the Shedd Aquarium... we didn't have a ton of time since they had a TKD lesson.. so we hit the hot spots... The Lizards... including the Komodo Dragon... the Oceanarium.. we watched the belugas above and below ground level and the dolphins below. Please note the really cute entranceway for the museum... and the really cute girls I got to pose!

So far anyway....Fun Daddy took them to the indoor putt-putt... they love it.. I skipped this one..

But I did get the bonus fun of taking the Angel to her special appt.... we yelled, we cried.. but things are getting better and the Angel admitted that she is glad that we have gone... so I guess that is the best things get!

Yes that thing is really alive... it just looks like a statue... how much action do you expect out of a lizard?

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mamazilla said...

dude. you publicly admitted to liking "LiLo" - i'm tellin'! you are so losing your street cred! :)