Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I saw this quiz over at Sherrypg's blog.. Frankly, I was a bit afraid to take it. With everything going on with my Angel these days, I feared that my movie mom match would come out something like this:

But I will take this choice any day!

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Your movie mom match is Spy Kids' Ingrid Cortez

OK, we know you're probably not a top-secret spy like Ingrid (but we wouldn't tell anyone if you were!). Still, you've got a zest for life and a hunger for adventure that you want to instill in your family. Settle down? You? Never! You see parenthood as the most thrilling journey a woman can take — and we're betting that your intrepid children would agree.

You want your kids to feel that they can take leaps in life and know that you'll be there to support them every step of the way. How do you do this? By example, of course. So let them see you take the lead, fall down once in a while, and of course, get back up. That's how great leaders, thinkers, adventurers — and families — are made.

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