Sunday, July 15, 2007

After the fun

A little bit of mischief....

Yes, I got the kids home and was exhausted. So I decided to take a nap out on my personal porch. I took a pillow, my cover (so I didn't burn my skin on the hot wood) and my sarong and headed on out. Oh I took a book and a glass of water too.

But when I got out there? All I wanted to do was sleep. And I did. It was marvelous.

And then it began. The mopes came outside. With their dog, the squeeky toy, their beers and the radio. It was going to be a first class show. For a bit the music was all Dead all the time... then they switched to country music (or as we say at our house..."we have both kinds of music! Country and Western!) (name the movie for Maman bonus points!) Oh and for a bit of joviality a great discussion about how they were going to cut each other's hair in the backyard. (I believe that is done by trimming around a baseball hat... but what do I know?)

Finally, Fun Daddy came out and got me, claiming that I was getting sunburned... As I got ready to come in I noticed that my water glass had become the resting place or drowning pool for an assortment of bugs. Blech. Not bringing those back in.


I tossed the water.

Over the dinette roof. Now in all fairness this wouldn't be an issue if I had been allowed to put up my gutters... but since I wasn't I think that part of that buggy water fell over to the west side of the house and then on to the Mopeville concrete tiles. I am guessing that because within 30 seconds the squeeky toy began. And kept up. For like an hour. and a half. It was fantastic.

Since our sweet pooch was STILL AT BOARDING!

What a bunch of losers.

Any time I got near the window they started it up again. For hours.

When they couldn't get a rise out of us that way the head mope, Tom Schmitt took their dog to the front porch to await us walking our pooch. That damn devil dog of theirs barked at everthing that moved for another ninety minutes. I giggled the entire time.

At 10pm. Tom seem to have abandonned his goal of catching me out with my dog... and returned to the back yard... where he started playing with the squeeky toy again!

At this point, I had confessed what I had done to Fun Daddy. After listening to him bitch at me for causing trouble (he would curse my corpse for catching the eye of a serial killer rather than blame the killer) he eventually had to notice that I was right... they were trying to irritate us and all it was doing was making us laugh.

God, they are the biggest freaking losers.

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