Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somehow I don't think I am getting the right information

Do you have a weatherbug? That little icon in the corner of your computer that is supposed to tell you the current temperature?

Mine says it is 43o. It is LYING. How do I know this? Well, when I walked the dog earlier this evening it was snowing. Teeny tiny little glass-like pellets of snow. Call me crazy, but that doesn't happen at 43o. And the wind doesn't blow in gusts of 50 mph, which drives the glass-pellety-icy snow into your eyeballs, thus blinding you. Making Imelda cry.

Luckily, I grew up with this crazy level of snow having been born in Lockport, NY. Where it snowed like that all the fucking time. So I led Imelda home through the bone-chilling, glassy-ice-pellet-ripping-your-eyeballs-out snow white-out conditions. Please note my coat in the top picture. see that white? that is the snow that still didn't melt after it took Imelda five minutes to snap this picture. Bah! Originally it looked like my coat was quilted with white thread... and Imelda laughed her ass off about the snow on my eyebrows.

I am afraid for this blog, you will just have to imagine it. It is, as my grandmother would say, cold as a witches tit.

Currently at 10:48PM


Temperature: 5°F

RealFeel®: -30 °F

Humidity: 84%

Pressure: 29.46 in

Winds: W at 30 mph

Gusts: 46 mph

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Chicka said...

And guess what. It's just. like. home. Heh.

Ice pelting eyeballs included.