Monday, April 28, 2008

Another swell week

Nothing like preparing for a mandatory meeting for the parents in Lillith's class at Our Lady of Perpetual Virginity, or as I am referring to it? The 7th grade parents slap down.

Because after last week's crap of dealing with Lillith and her adventures in the park, and THEN finding out that she needs to attend summer school (undiscussed here because by the end of last week I was working myself towards an alcoholic coma to make my shame and embarrassment dissipate) as well as being stunned to learn that she was standing with some kids (although by all accounts innocent) of throwing paper out the window of her class.

Will this nightmare ever end?

I loathed the 7th grade the first time around... Except for our week of clueless dating bliss Dr. Randy... You know that was the best week of my life... But you know that this is really the Shizz as the kids would say.

Our topic de l'année? Bullying. AGAIN.

The ironic part is that the bullier is crying bullied. Which in this case means... ignored.

See, apparently one girl has been the puppetmaster for lo these many years at PerP. And by this I mean since pre-K. I didn't know this since Lillith went to L'Ecole previously. So we didn't have the earlier history and as nearly I can tell, Lillith's arrival at PerP, threw off the order and it took a couple of years for everyone to figure out what the heck was going on. But now les filles de la classe have decided that they are tired of being manipulated into unawares cruelty toward each other. Tired of being a pushed around by our marionetTrix. (I like to mix my lower and upper cases so I can swing like the kidzzzzZ) So they have decided to not be friendly.

Ok... at various points some of them have been angry and resentful towards Trix.... Lillith, under the circumstances has stayed out of it. And what are the circumstances?

Well ,I alluded to there being trouble last year. Last year Lillith, then MonAnge, was having trouble with girls at school... everyone hated her, everyone was unfriendly, kids were throwing stuff at her in the halls... "Right", I said. "That seems likely." "Like the teachers are going to allow that". It went on for a couple of days. And then Lillith came up to me telling me that she didn't feel well.

Because she had taken a handful of aspirin.

And that was when I learned how mean, the mean girls could be.

Obviously, she was fine. And a week later, after attending a mandatory weeklong intensive outpatient program she returned to school. She settled back in and all slowly life went back to normal. and the girls have slowly figured out who is directing the misery around them.

And they don't want to play anymore.

So now, we are off to this meeting. Trix's parents think she is the victim of this scenario. They have NO IDEA.

The rest of us have figured this out. it isn't going to be pretty.

There can only be bad feelings all around.

I would ask someone to pray for me... but I think that god has left me on my own long ago.

Can you at least cross your fingers and wish me luck?

Lillith is afraid. and I am unhappy already. But we will be all right.

I have combed all the internet sites that Lillith and her friends hang out. Trix keeps sending the other girls warnings that bad things will happen at this meeting. I presume she means metaphorically...

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Poppy Cede said...

I do not understand kids these days. That makes me sad.