Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still not feeling better

And still sporadically crying.

Last night sucked. BIG FUCKING TIME

It turns out since Trix's parents complained to school about how their charming daughter was bullied all the other girls have been under a microscope. Their every move has been reported on. They have been lectured and moralized at. Teachers have asked them how they would feel if Trix killed herself.

So we go to this god forsaken meeting.

And listen to Father tell us what our Christian mission is at the school.. and the principal, Mr. Castello, then reports from all the teachers. The details of this observation went on for hours. or so it seemed. But really it was about 90 minutes.

Then they turned the floor over to the parents.

And started with Trix's folks.

Now, in case I didn't mention how uncomfortable this scenarios was let me explain. When we walked into the room, there were three rows of chairs for the parentals...I sat in the middle chair of the second row. People filled in the row along with me and the row behind me. Trix's parents alone sat in the first row.

Yup. We are all on the same page. You could see the division.

But ok, Trix's mother start's her speech.

Her daughter has been so miserable. Do you know how horrible it is when your daughter tells you that she doesn't want to go to school and doesn't want to be alive?!!!! Can you imagine anything worse for a mother?

Gee? Can you imagine anything worse?

Because that was the breaking point for me.


Well after hearing about my daughter's sins for 90 minutes and know how she had been sinned against..I kinda lost it.

Gee, I don't know Claudia, I don't mean to interrupt, but I think having to take your daughter to the emergency room after she has taken a handful of aspirin is worse!"

Yeah. That was the highlight of the evening

I believe I saw the look on Father's face as he watched the 2nd and 3rd heads emerge from my body. or at least it seemed that way to me.

Teachers, parents, the principal and priest viewed me as if I were insane. And that is because I had succumbed to one of the issues that I try to avoid. Secrecy. I hate it... because when you are protecting a secret... you are in danger.

Well the secret is out.


And this empowered other parents. Which was good, I think.

The down side?

I saw long standing friendships destroyed in an evening.

That was horrible.

But my daughter is free.

Trix was the center of the trouble that led to her suicide attempt. I ignored her frenzy. to my own detriment.

In all fairness? It seemed unreal. But there it was out.

I railed against teachers that saw what was going on... and ignored it. because she couldn't be bothered. She tried to waffle out of it. Which I wouldn't have expected otherwise, but at that point? Other parents jumped in. because their daughter's fates were ignored.

The out come of all this crap?

The school and parents agreed to bring in a social worker to help these girls. AMEN.

Of course, I wish that I could say that this meeting was universally helpful.

But Lillith got a note from Trix today

"You may have won this round...

but it isn't over...

Watch out."


I still can't feel better.

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Chicka said...

Copy note repeatedly and send to every head of whatever at the school with whole story documented, including "princess's" parents.

Then kick 'em all in the 'nads.

And they say public school sucks? Bullshit. Catholic schools are much worse in my experience.