Thursday, May 01, 2008

Responsiveness is great!

What do I have to do to get some?

Ok. We all attended the meeting. Everyone is concerned about these girls.

But when Fun Daddy called to report that Lillith received yet another note from Trix we thought that we would have had the attention of the school office personnel.

Turns out that we were wrong.

See, no one called from the school until after I took a run over to the school yard to check on what was going on. Lillith was there with her friends. She was afraid that I was going to confront Trix right there in the yard. I won't deny that there have been moments that I wanted to... but that is not the way I roll... I was there to observe.

And what did I observe? Man, that kid gave me the death glare. Charming, eh? You think that she would try to appear sweeter, but apparently she feels it is unnecessary to hide her dislike. But, I had to be there. To check on Lillith and Imelda. Why Imelda, you ask? Cuz Trix is now hanging out at lunch time with the 6th graders. And I will be damned if she will poison that group of sweet girls with her venom.

I also checked in with Mrs. Mere. She asked if I had been called back by the principal yet. "No," I replied "Not yet".

After the kids all returned to their class rooms, I went home. After being there two minutes the phone rang. Mr. Castello. surprise, surprise....

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