Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Are we in Kansas?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

This is irony as two of my best friends come from Kansas.... and we had tornadoes yesterday.

I am assuming that we are just adrift in a sea of pathetic fallacy. The horridness of the weather has ironically matched my mood, which can be described at best as craptastic. The best thing for anyone is to steer clear of me. I am probably the perfect storm emotionally.

And that is saying something as here in Chicagoland we are cleaning up after this freaking storm of high winds, five inches of torrential, hurricane force and quantity of rain and enough lightning to power six major cities and enough to knock out electricity to 250,000 individuals in the region.

And that includes my Jewel. Which is less of an issue but am somewhat concerned about how to get more than two pills from the prescription that I need to pick up for my high blood pressure. Cuz you know what? No electricity=no prescription. So don't schedule prescription refills during even a small crisis.

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it, I enjoyed my time in the bathroom with mes sweet filles, trying to explain what the purpose of the civil defense sirens. and trying to keep the pooch from freaking the fuck out while we kept sweating in a 6'x5' stagnant- aired room.

Yeah. good times.

Btw: When am I getting to see this new blog that Aunt Amy is considering???! I need more Norway. Faen! More about my favorite Texan Superhero Princesses!

And Aunty Noranne? A blog about my favorite New England Crimefighting Genuises would be fun too!

and I failed to mention that yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the death of my sweet brother... I miss you baby bro... and I yelled at your mother yesterday. Sorry. I am stressed. But then I am sure you know that.

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Poppy said...

It's great that you continue to celebrate him. What a cutie. :)