Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Intervention

Not that kind.

But Fun Daddy and I have decided that Lillith's poor attitude must stop.

So we have explained it in simple terms...

If she can't follow our rules, do her homework, be respectful and make an effort to get along with people and generally pissing on everyone's parades... We will not be paying $10k a year on private high school. It is really quite simple.

We are required to feed and clothe her and teach her right from wrong. But we are not required to give her everything that she wants.

It is really that simple.

Don't you think?


Chicka said...

That's what I tell my children. Beyond food, clothes, and a roof over their heads, I don't have to provide anything - by law.

And that doesn't mean chips and soda. Good, healthy, as-long-as-it-keeps-them-alive food is all I'm required to provide them. Heh...

Poppy said...

You and FD are on the same side?

Well, fuck me sideways.

GOOD! And I agree, it really is that simple.

Spoiling the bratty results in spoiled.