Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Childern Behave!

That's what they say when we're together!

They also say that I should vent my spleen about what I keep hearing on these convention speeches. But I can't help it. I was taught to watch both conventions... to try to be open-minded.

So, here are some of my thoughts:

  • What is the fucking deal with Laura Bush (and Fred Thompson) that she (they) can't say "children"?
  • Why don't the McCains bring out Bridget when it is time to take a cover picture for People magazine? Oh, yeah... she is fat and brown...
  • Wouldn't it have better to have a LIVING medal of honor winner?
  • Ooooh.. Fred Thompson... better in prepared pieces than living life out loud.
  • I loved the old lady from Ohio who called Sarah Palin "Sarah Pawlenty"
  • "Breath of fresh air" is apparently code for, "I'd tap that!"
  • Whew! Fred has been eating alot of carrots from the looks of things. My sister did that once. Man was she orange!
  • Why does Fred Thompson keep clearing his throat?
  • Sarah Palin has run a state with a population the size of a municipality
  • Where are John McCain's other childern? You know... the ones from his first marriage?
  • That is President Troublemaker to you!
  • Does anyone besides me keep waiting for laser beams to spring forth from Cindy's creepy irises?
  • Is that the "Wow! We all liked Tim Russert moment?"
  • 9:27 CDT: Wow! Michelle Bachman was channeling "That Girl!" tonight, wasn't she? (ooops, I think when you are live blogging you are supposed to be listing the time... I better start!)
  • 9:30 CDT: Spending at home that may bankrupt our country is on Barack Obama's back? WTF?
  • 9:34 CDT: I would like to know what John McCain will do ON the energy
  • 9:34 CDT: Oh... Fine... apparently, it is my fault now that McCain kept pissing off the North Vietnamese now too..
  • 9:35 CDT: Have I ever mentioned that Fun Daddy worked for David Brooks back when they were both students at the University of Chicago... he was a blowhard then too...
  • 9:40 CDT: Sour Lieberman grapes that he isn't the Vice Presidential nominee....
  • 9:44 CDT: Do you think that they are planning on replacing Sarah Palin with Lieberman after she is impeached?
  • 9:47 CDT: 9-11.. That great NATURAL DISASTER!
  • 9:50 CDT: Have you ever seen so many white men... or botox?
  • 9:53 CDT: Fun Daddy cannot stand another reference to McCain being a Maverick! He will never watch Top Gun again!
  • 9:53 CDT: But FD will still watch James Garner! Screw you bastards!
  • 10:10 CDT: Do you think that the "SERVICE" signs were brown to indicate that they were full of shit?
I survived a live blogging! Whew! I don't know how Wonkette does it!.. oh, yeah.. they are at a bar!

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Sizzle said...

That was awesome!

Watching the RNC made me drink.