Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It has become an obsession

Yes, I think that is the fairest way to view it...

An obsession.

With Sarah Palin. (Don't you love the picture? Look at her eyes.... she looks batshit crazy!)

I, unlike many people did know who she was... because I ready the ever snarky Wonkette...

and normally, as a blogging mom, I would walk away from the political stuff.. but then I remembered that Aunt Amy is probably not getting the full hit of the political action here at home while she adjusts to life in Norway. So I realized, Faen! I must talk about the lovely Sarah!

See everything that John McCain has done during this campaign has been done for no other reason than to counteract Barack Obama.

Obama selects Joe Biden as his running mate and people talk about how Hillary supporters will be pissed... so McCain decides on a woman.... HA! That will show them!

Obama plays basketball... so McCain has to find a woman who plays basketball! HA! That will show them!

Obama goes on a around the world tour to broaden his foreign policy experience... so McCain finds a basketball playing woman who lives near Russia! HA! That will show them!

So now the 72 year old "Maverick" who is a four time cancer survivor has selected a woman who has a four month old baby suffering from Down Syndrome, who will have special needs and a 17 year old pregnant daughter who last year suffered from a severe bout of mononucleosis that lasted for 5 or 6 months coinciding identically with the time that Mom was about to pop out baby no. 5 to be one brief heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Oh. And she is a maverick too... you can tell...

First off... look at all her kids names. Track, Trig, Bristol, Piper and Willow? What drugs do they give you post-partum in Alaska? And how do the rest of us get them... (Although, I do believe perhaps Auntie Noranne's father might have been on them too when he selected her name...)

Another way you can tell that she is a maverick is how she chose to give birth to her last child. See, it turns out that when her water broke for this baby, she was in Texas getting ready to give a speech to some governors group...

and instead of going to the nearest hospital of which Texas is filled... she waited a half hour.. gave her speech,

went to the airport... boarded an Air Alaska jet... flew for 8 hours without a moan, a groan.... got off the plane in Anchorage...

Got in her car... skipped the Providence Alaska Medical Center, the biggest hospital in the state (you know.. the one with a NICU and a children's hospital attached)...

drove another 45 minutes out of town... to go to a little teeny tiny hospital not equipped for high risk pregancies or deliveries and finally popped out her little bundle of joy. What an independent strong willed moron woman.! Because that was independently dangerous for both her and baby Trig.

And doesn't it seem fitting that she named that baby after a branch of mathematics... because I can't keep up with the figuring she needs us to do to make her seem a rational choice for Vice President

In the meantime, I continue to obsess.. because the problem is.. it is theoretically possible for her to be elected... sigh.

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Sizzle said...

I am SO SICK of hearing that "maverick" bullshit.