Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I interrupt my normally scheduled rant.

To bring some freakishly good news.

Yeah, I will deal with the quasi-interruption of the Presidential bullshit tomorrow. but today. I am compelled to still spill over with joy!

I believe that it is no news that I have complained endlessly on this blog about the trouble that I have motivating my children when it comes to school.

Well... they have been in school for five weeks or so now. You know what that means?

Progress Reports, including Parent/Teacher Conference!

And for once in my life as a mother... I have come away from this process smiling.

Now according to my children, I am a grouse that requires utter and complete perfection. They have been wrong about that. Not that I think that any of you question that.. however...

Lillith has an 89 average!!!!!!!

Imelda has a 91 average!!!!!!!

I got this information yesterday and am still in bliss over it

The lowest single grade that anyone has is an 82. Now the unfortunate part is that they go to Catholic school so an 82 is a C. Just like a 90 is a B. But I as a former public school girl looks at the hard cold numbers.

And their numbers indicate that Lillith gets second honors or merit roll and Imelda is on the honor roll!

YEAHHHHHHH!..... I am so happy... I can't stand myself.

I feel like Gil from Parenthood who freaks out when his little freak of a son catches a pop fly at the Little League game. Yeah, I lobbed a billion pop flies at them, but I am still overwhelmed that they caught them in the actual game.

Particularly since they kept spitting on the ball.

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Poppy said...

WOOHOO! Yay for good news!!!!