Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not a good start

It is 9:02 am and this day sucks.

Fun Daddy woke me up early. earlier in fact than we would normally get up on a school day.


He is tired of being the first person up and about.

As if the DECADE that he spent out of town and I spent getting kids up and about and off to school or daycare and dealing with the fuss never happened. After all, its not like he spent a decade just taking care of himself and wining and dining to his hearts content. This is NOW dammit! And he said he is tired of being the first person up and about. That means what I did never happened. or doesn't matter.

And you know why he needs me up at the crack of dawn? Someone has to put cards on the teacher gifts.

Not that today is the last day of school this term. But the weather gods on the teevee are suggesting that there will be an ice storm tonight. And that means? Well, HE assumes that it means that there will be no school tomorrow. So, packages must go out today.

Never mind that I conceptualized, purchased the materials for, made and packed the gifts. They need CARDS too. And Fun Daddy is not capable of opening the box of cards sitting on the DINING ROOM TABLE, selecting one, writing in it and combining it with the gifts. No..... Clearly that is wimmin's work. MY JOB.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, he is encouraging Lillith to be unreasonable too. She brought us last night the order form for her graduating class sweatshirt that the 8th graders always get. The form, which she did just get, indicates that she must turn in the form and the payment by Friday. Oh and by last night, I mean 11 pm, before she headed to bed. Swell.... So did I have time to run out and collect the

This morning, it turns out that they must be turned in today. Why? Miss P, the homeroom teacher won't be at school tomorrow because they are burying her grandmother. So really the money and payment need to go in today. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (I wish that was me saying that, but when we tried to point out that the note says tomorrow that is what Lillith said to me.) I CAN'T HAVE A SWEATSHIRT? JEEZ!

So what have I done? Taken the last of my secret stash of cash out of my wallet and paid for these sweatshirts. Did Fun Daddy offer to pick up money? Or write a check? No. MY JOB.

Not that Fun Daddy would go without cash. He always has a couple of bucks. That is what makes him FUN. He always get to go to the party. Which he will be doing tonight. I go to the school Christmas concert. He gets to hire the car service we can't afford because he couldn't possibly take public transportation or even have to make the effort to catch a cab.

I get to drive girls hither and yon, listen to Lillith bitch that she doesn't want to be there. Not buy fast food afterwards because I am being responsible with our limited resources. Listen to Imelda bitch about that. Walk the dog in the icy rain. Make sure girls go to bed because there WILL (no doubt) be school tomorrow and then wait up for a drunken Fun Daddy to get back from the party where everyone will talk about how he is a great guy. He is FUN! He sold his company to a Fortune 500 company. He is a genius!


An extra half hour of sleep wouldn't have been a good idea at all. Thankfully, Mr. Asshat denied it to me. I might get soft or something.

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