Monday, December 01, 2008

You used WHAT?!

Lillith has been working on this immense project for weeks. It is a model of Chicago's Millenium Park

Every weekend... every day... she has worked on this model.

For once, I have NOT been the person hosting the construction. This was done at Drina's house and her father has overseen the construction.

See, back in Poland, Mr. N was an architect. Here is America, he does design/build work. In either case, model making a speciality to the industry and apparently he knows all the tricks.

Lillith in particular was excited about the the spitting fountains... which will really be spitting water(ish). When we asked how they accomplished it, we got this answer from Lillith...

Lillith: "We used cock glue"

FD and I looked at each other...

FD, I: "WHAT!"

Lillith: "Its a kind of glue! I don't know!"

And then we thought about it.... Mr. N speaks English with a strong Polish accent....

FD turns to Lillith and said. "Could he have been saying 'caulk'?"

Lillith: "Yeah. Whatever.."

The best part was Imelda's eyes bugging out of her head and then laughing so hard she almost pee'd.

So just remember. If you are making a model of a park and need to use something for the water? Don't forget the cock glue.


Aunt Maggie said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Priceless!

Chicka said...


Too stinking funny!