Friday, March 13, 2009

Take a lap, missy

Yesterday was my solo debut as a volleyball coach.

Yes, this is ridiculous. I never played competitive volleyball. I only played in highschool gym class. And I sucked at it. Nevertheless, the 8th graders needed a coach or as it turned out, an assistant coach so I stepped up.

Celia decided to behave herself.

Sophie did not.

I did make suggestions to all of the girls. Sophie took hers badly. Her problem? She wants the ball to come right to her. I get that. That is my idea of a perfect tennis game. Just volleying back and forth. Getting a bit of exercise but not killing yourself. But that isn't competitive. And this volleyball league is. So nut up and move your feet. While working on a drill to practice hitting balls off the net Sophie accused me of hitting her in the face on purpose. (like I would bother with the net at all if that was my aim?) I suggested that she could have taken a step backwards. The roar was deafening. She yelled at me and fussed. The other girls were embarrassed.

So I made her take a lap.

I guess I am officially a coach now. I think I need a whistle!

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Chicka said...

It's funny really. Kids who have parents who coach/teach/whatever have it one of two ways - either everything is handed to them, or we end up putting them in their place in front of friends and classmates.

And it never hurt any of them. LOL!