Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warning for family members reading my blog

I don't think alot of you do read this, but occasionally stuff gets back to my mom and she gets upset.

My intent in writing this has never been about anyone other me. What I encounter, what I think about it and how I react about it. Blogging is an art, but it is a personal art. I have gotten so used to no one in the family reading it that I have disregarded the possibility that you are there. Don't take this personally, but this is as much as a way for me to deal with my personal stresses as it is a way for me to communicate with you.

To that end, I will warn you that the therapist that Kevin and I see has suggested that I have weird gunked up food messages that I should work out. And by writing them down, it requires me to put my head into it. I laughed and said, this is perfect, as I am always in need of blog fodder.

Our therapist knows what I do. That I blog. She thinks is good. and it gives me the ability to work this stuff out.

We and she understand that what I write is often overly colored by what my own memory and experiences are. Memory is imperfect. My memory is imperfect. And feelings that overwhelming can color your perception.

It is possible that at some point I will say something in my future blog posts that you will disagree with. That you think that I am being unfair about. Bear with me. This is about me. And I don't mean to upset any of you. I love you. But I need to work this stuff out.

For once in my life I am trying to establish healthy boundaries for myself.


Chicka said...

Or you could just use the block feature and only have friends you want invited to the blog. That's what I did with one of them.

Anonymous said...

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