Thursday, October 29, 2009

LinkedIn Recommended Who?

As I was pushing out my daily VinoVerve blog post on LinkedIn this morning looked over to the corner to where they list people you might already know.

Who did I see?

My brother-in-law. The one that I haven't seen in five years after my sister and her husband decided that they couldn't be part of our lives because we remind my dear sister, Margo of who she was before she married "above" her station. Now that she has become more gentile than the rest us, it was necessary for her to cast us off so the stink of our unacceptability doesn't offend our betters... i.e. his family.

Dying to know how we got potentially connected and wonder how many times a similar connection request has gone to him. Obviously he has ignored it. He can't bother to deal with riffraff such as me. No doubt he is irritated that LinkedIn doesn't have higher standards. Or just appalled that a woman would advertise her skills and accomplishments outside her domestic arena. But then, I am a hardened trull that way.

Love the link to his website. It seems perfect for him. Ridiculously boring and making it unclear what it is advertising. Good thing he doesn't have family that knows anything about websites. Someone might have told him that site doesn't say anything about the company or what it does.

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