Monday, December 14, 2009

A Tale of Two Taylors

I have had the time to take in and digest the SNL performances of both Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner.

After contemplation, I have determined while both Taylors are talented, it was Taylor Swift who wins the battle of the Taylors.

You question my judgement? See for yourself!


Poppy said...

I would cop out and agree with you just in the hopes that I quit having inappropriate thoughts about an underage boy, BUT...

I think Lautner's audience was just no good.

Maman said...

Oh Hellz Bellz, Poppy. I was completely unaware of Lautner's youth. Bad Maman. I am not usually the one for corrupting the youth. Please note that I said USUALLY.

I assumed that all parties were of age. I think I get so used to girls finding him "hot" that I assumed that he was street legal. Yet another reason I am going to Hell.

Chicka said...

I am having nasty thoughts in my tingly regions. Does that make me a cougar? Do cougars and werewolves mate? Ever? Please?