Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weather Forecast

Partly sunny with a chance of mopes!

That is how we are rating the weather these days... The chances that we will espy the fucktard neighbors, The Schmitts, topless.....

Often a sighting of these fantasmagoric creatures in their naturally setting is accompanied by the sound of:

a. Margaritaville

b. Trucking

c. The Call of the Mopes, "HEY! Get off my property! Can't you read the sign?! IT IS POSTED!!

I know, I know... you ladies are jealous... You want a chance at these charming hunks (of crap). Well, you are in luck! 'Cuz surprisingly, the are BOTH AVAILABLE!

Shocking, eh?


Anonymous said...

How dare you make fun of the handicapped! Isn't that one guy in a wheelchair? For shame, FOR SHAME!!!!

Maman said...

I can only assume that comment was a joke... but ummmm... NO... neither of them is in a wheelchair. That big wheel you see is for their hose corral...

And even the handicapped shouldn't be entitled to threaten to shoot people or sic their dog on them...

So shame on them!

mamazilla said...

whoa. ALL kinds of wrong going on over there... you have my sincerest sympathies.

where's a privacy fence fairy when you need one?