Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Thoughts

Lucy Nicholson

What is the deal with the new swim suits? I want the old Speedos back... although I guess I could stand the suits if we got these kinds of views.

The LZR suits are only available for Olympians right now but Speedo is taking orders for them. But the will cost $550!

On a more positive note, I found out that Speedo makes a bathing suit for me to wear! So when I start swimming at the YMCA after the girls go back to school I won't have to wear something that ties around my neck! YEAH!


Chicka said...

I haven't been in a suit this year at all. The thought is just frightening.

Sizzle said...

That's a good tip. It's hard to find a suit you can actually SWIM in that hold are you parts in, ya know? I'm inspired to swim again!

Maman said...

Chicka! You should never worry about how you look in a bathing suit... that is how you get separated from things you love. Besides models dread wearing bathing suits too... how can the rest of us compete?

Siz, You should. I have been swimming this summer and I have loved it. I have just been looking around for a suit that doesn't pull at my neck! When the kids start school, I am planning to head right over to the YMCA to get in a mile or so.