Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh No She Di'Int!

Fun Daddy, Imelda and I went to dinner last night. Lillith was invited but claimed that she had too much of a stomach ache. What-ever... Fine stay home, we said. We went and had a lovely time.

This morning I was looking where Lillith was sitting last night when we got home. Right next to that spot? Her cellphone.

Now, she didn't put it there. That was Fun Daddy's responsibility. (He really isn't good at this grounding thing, is he?) But still, she should have left it alone.

I turned on the phone and held my breath.

I checked the text messages. They were clear. Hmmm.... ok. maybe she left the phone alone.

But then I checked the call listings. Calls came both in and out of the phone while we were gone.


Does she really think that we are THAT stupid? Apparently so.

Fun Daddy and I argued discussed what to do. He wanted to extend her grounding one day. I wanted to extend it one week. Luckily we headed off to marriage counseling before we had to decide. In the end, we compromised. The grounding lasts an additional four days. But if she can keep herself from grousing or wheedling until Friday night, we will shave two days off the grounding and she can have the phone back Saturday morning. However, for every episode of complaint or begging adds an additional day.

Naturally, she wants nothing to do with the compromise. But the rules are established and she is responsible for them either way.

The rest is up to her.

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Poppy said...

She doesn't want anything to do with the compromise? AWESOME, then full punishment is back on! Maman FTW!