Monday, March 09, 2009

Family Crap Continued

What would be too far when dealing with your family?

I have put up repeatedly with stupid emails from my father... then gotten the same email from multiple relatives.

Mostly I ignore them.

But sometimes I get pissed. I got pissed over the weekend. Why?

Well... it is complicated. But part of it is that I am the only surviving child of my parents who continues to speak to them. My reward for this is to be continuously harrasssed for not believing what my father does politically.

Now, my asshole sister, Margo Easton will buy his bullshit hook, line and sinker. Because she drank deeply of the Kool-Aid many years ago. Of course, she also accepted the assistance of my parents when she had three newborns. She allowed my parents to come into her home, sit up all night and feed, change and otherwise care for her premature infants.

What a privilege!

My parents wouldn't wear pamajas or go to sleep. They stayed up all night long. They performed this honor 2-3 times a week for over a year. And when the boys finally slept through the night? My sister told my mother that she was a drunken bitch who had no right to see those children until she had undergone therapy that my sister approved of.

Oh and that the Church that my mother believes in? It supported my sister. Without even talking to my mother. After all, as the only mother who has ever existed? My sister would know. I think that they are calling her the Virgin Margo. It seems right. After all, she was knocked up before her wedding same as the Blessed Virgin. Except my sister was a hypocrate who was totally boning my asshole brother in law while pretending to be holy. That doesn't matter does it?

So my father, out of love and respect, sends me these mean and disrespectful emails. And because he cares about whether or not I develop any character, he sends them to me whether I ask for them to be stopped or not. Cuz a girl can NEVER have enough character. Right?

Unless she is Margo, who had to drop out of college because a professor, who was a nun asked her to write a paper on a topic that she disagreed with. Naturally, that fucking cunt should just step off. Nobody should EVER have to write a paper disagreeing with the collected works of Ronald Reagan, right? Being considered uneducated and difficult are just the cost she has to bear. We all know that NEVER having to do something against our convictions is the true sign of a Christian and a Patriot.

So luckily, I have family who loves me and care about my beliefs. And that is why my cousin, out of deep love and respect for me sicced a CLOWN on me. And by clown. I mean some dude who worked on Bozo. The. Fucking. Clown. Naturally, he is a Christian and a conservative which means he was there to bitch slap me down. Cuz women with opinions differing from their menfolk should be encouraged.

So you know what I did?

I blocked the mother-fuckers.

Cuz I don't need that kind of love anymore.

You hate me so much? Go have birthday with your other fucking daughter.

Ooops. Sorry. You don't have her address. Yeah.

It is fantastic to be the preferred daughter.

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