Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grounded means you stay home.

Lillith is grounded.

Why? Well, first she told me to fuck off.

And then Fun Daddy said she could go to Drina's but she couldn't set her own schedule like she is used to doing. Instead, we would drop her off at 1:30, go run errands, and then pick her up at 4:00. Personally, I was against this, as I had already been told to fuck off, but even THIS concession was unacceptable to Lillith. Finally, she acceded and we left.

At 3:45, as we were about 10 minutes from Drina's house, Fun Daddy called Lillith to tell her that we were on our way and to be ready for us. Turns out Lillith wasn't at Drina's. She and Drina walked to the sub shop to have a sandwich. FINE. We'll pick you up there. And we continued our drive.

Three minutes later, Lillith calls back. Turns out she isn't at Drina's house AND she isn't at the sub shop. She is at the mall. Sorry, she lied.

So now, we have to go back from where we came and collect our lying, wayward daughter, who earlier in the day told me to fuck off. On the way to the mall, we discuss Lillith's punishment. He wants to take the phone and two days grounding. I insist on a week of both, pointing out that she has lied, taken off on the bus, defied her original restriction AND told me to fuck off. We agreed.

Now every 12 -18 hours she bitches about the total unfairness of both being grounded and losing her phone. She doesn't mind being grounded, but she CAN'T be grounded tomorrow because she made plans. She is going to the mall to buy her boyfriend a Christmas present and then having a sleep over with Drina. And, as always, it is her last chance to do so before.. Mars explodes, I guess. She has to have her phone because text messaging is her main method of communicating with her boyfriend. It is endless and circular. And frankly proof that she just wants her own way.

When these arguments fall on deaf ears I get the follow up.

The harangue about I really don't know anything about her. How she tries so hard, but can't please me ever. I have never really loved her. How I am tuning her out. I have no respect for her (I know.. she told me to fuck off.. this seems a bit pot-calling-kettle-black to me too). That Aunt Maggie was right about me! (whatever this means) No one likes me and because of that I don't know the pressures of being popular. (Yeah, kid, nothing wins me over more than the "You are just a loser anyway" argument)

The worst? She is grounded until Thursday. It is going to be a really long week.


Chicka said...

Merry Friggin' Christmas, to you~

Too bad you can't ground her at someone else's house (some relative she hates). You deserve the peace and quiet.

Poppy said...




Buy her a dictionary for Christmas and tell her to use her WORDS.

Chicka said...

Poppy, she did use words. Just the wrong ones.

I second the soap. Lots of it.